#1 Key to RTT Success

Listen to the recording. There is no need to listen to the recording on the day of the session. Start the very next day and for 21 days. It doesn’t matter what time you listen to it or even whether you fall asleep while it’s playing.

Days 1-14 are usually the easiest. Days 14-21 you may feel like you don’t need the recording anymore – don’t believe it! Your success will be more profound and permanent after 21 days of listening to your personal recording. Listen longer if you want! 21 days is the minimum to help your brilliant mind guide you to achieve your desired outcome. 

What to expect after the session

Imagine that the session put all your desired results into motion. The next 21 days are crucial to building and maintaining that momentum.

You may continue to release thoughts and emotions following the session. This may manifest as being feeling sleepy, using the bathroom more frequently, or being moody. Please practice extreme self-care, drink lots of water to assist your body in releasing toxins, and get more sleep/ exercise (whichever helps you feel more grounded.)

You may feel restless. In this case your mind is trying to go back to the old familiar. This is a common reaction. But YOU can CHOOSE TO or DECIDE to make new changes in your mind. This is another reason to keep listening to your personal recording.

You must work to make the familiar unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar familiar. Occasionally you will bump into your old beliefs. Recognize they were your old thinking, a product of wrong beliefs you held. Once labeled as such you can release them, but every opportunity to create new habits must be acted upon.

Be kind to yourself

If your session involved childhood issues, sometimes it is useful to find a photo of yourself at age 7/8 and set it out somewhere you will see it for the 21 days. Remember you an adult now, fully able to love and care for yourself. Remind yourself you are free now to heal and move forward and reassure your inner Child that s/he will always now and forever more be unconditionally loved; seen, heard, kept safe, by YOU.

What to do if you feel worse

Perhaps more scenes or feelings are coming up. If a new scene reveals itself remind yourself you can simply review it not re-live it. This scene may be another occurrence/ reminder of the old behavior that presented in your session. Acknowledge the link and try to focus on the feelings behind the belief to find the root and say “That is not me anymore.” Speak in positive loving words to yourself and keep listening to your recording.. Allow your body to release the feelings, perhaps go for a walk, exercise, or meditate.

Often issues are multi-layered. We may have dealt with the loudest beliefs behind thoughts and actions which has exposed more. Occasionally feelings can get worse before better. Remember you are feeling things that may have been repressed for decades, let it out, and allow your subconscious to process.

If you listen to the recording for the full 21 days this is all part of the healing process and you will feel better. However, if anything comes up that concerns you please reach out to me. 

How quickly will I see results?

Results appear in 3 stages. (Depending on each individual and desired result.) There will be immediate results, changes during the 21 days, and then in the longer term (cumulative) as the repressed feelings heal. You, and your loved ones, may notice differences at different times and very often a third layer of changes you will only notice retroactively.

I lost my recording link

No problem, let me know as quickly as possible.

I would like another session

Additional sessions may be booked at any time and at a discounted rate. Please do not choose a date that falls within the 21 days of the recording time. Day 22 is fine!

Online Additional Session

In-person Additional Session

Check ins

Check in over the 21 days if you have a question. Communication by text or email: liza@sparksuccesstherapy.com is fine however, please be aware of disclosing personal information.

To send a private message use the form below. 

The follow up appointment can help to consolidate the issue. This can be booked for day 22 or in the days following.