Liza Moorhead

Liza is a Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Coach/ Practitioner. Appointments may be held at private business or sport locations around the Denver Metro, online, or by appointment at her home in Castle Pines, Colorado. *At this time, most sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Liza began her RTT studies with Marisa Peer in 2015 after not finding the help she needed for her family through traditional therapy practices. She has since helped people of all ages, executive teams, and athletes of all abilities overcome various limiting beliefs and habits to go forward in life with a clearer understanding of the source of issues, and the confidence to take strides toward their dreams and set personal records in business, sports and life.



Born in England Liza moved to Jacksonville, FL in 1996, then Portland, OR, and Des Moines, IA prior to moving to Castle Pines, Colorado in 2014. Previous to RTT Liza helped small business owners bring the vision of their businesses to life online with marketing consulting and technical support since 2010.

Insurance provided by Energy Medicine Professional Association. If you are interested or have questions about becoming a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner yourself, you are more than welcome to book a consult call.

Member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. A premier association for wellness practitioners