The Follow Up

What happens now?

The follow up session (included with your session, no additional charge) is to consolidate the issue presented at the initial RTT session and reviewing all changes and big and small that have happened over the 3 weeks and ensuring momentum moves toward your desired results.

The follow up is conducted online by a private video conference link rather than in person. Online Session Tips

This is a shorter session usually 45 mins. We will review the presenting issue and discuss all that has happened since the initial session. If helpful or desired, we may do a short regression to answer any related issues.

And then?

After the follow up you will continue to notice changes as time goes on as your new thoughts and feelings become stronger habits that lead to new actions in your life. Be sure to make new choices to build your new beliefs in yourself as you make the new unfamiliar familiar and the old familiar unfamiliar.

If you would like to continue the process and work more on yourself, you may upgrade to a package to receive a discount on further sessions. You may share discounted sessions with family members. Please request the link at any time.

If you would like to share any part of your transformational journey please do so here: Your Inspirational Results

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