New Long Term Support Program Available!

Feel empowered, productive, and confident. Believe in yourself, love your body, shine brightly in the world. Flexible program for achieving your healthy weight using the power of your mind. The long term RTT Weight Management Protocol program is perfect for those wishing to reduce their weight considerably and builds and supports confidence, enoughness, and a change of lifestyle for good.

*If you have a smaller weight management goal then a single RTT session can be helpful to isolate the root cause and reverse the effect.

Up to 43% of people use food to alter their mood every single day. We understand what it takes to lead a fit and healthy life, we know there is more to our health than a number on a scale. We understand that while we are surrounded by abundant food choices, we need to make different choices to support a healthy body. So why do we have cravings, choose not to take the actions we know we should?

Because every habit of action is run by a habit of thought.

For example: Did you know that eating sugar is an act of regression?

It takes you right back to a time and place that held a happy memory. Sounds good, but this becomes an issue when it’s now decades later and your mind is still trying to recreate that memory through any sugary foods it detects that is available around you. Food has memories!

After one session clients report feeling vibrant, happier, and lighter in body and mind.

The program is structured around 3 sessions and is tailored to you and your goals:

  • Session 1 we will find the root cause and reason for excess weight. An RTT session around being enough and resolving the reasons your body is holding onto the weight. During your session we will go back to that place and change the meaning. You are then released from beliefs such as these, that foods make you happy and we build in indifference to the trigger foods. Alternatively, excess weight is a side effect of something else. If you feel you are following reasonable eating guidelines and still have the weight, the root cause of the excess weight usually has nothing to do with food but with heavy emotional baggage and stress. Going back and addressing the issue releases you from feeling the need to protect yourself.
  • Session 2 happens after 2 weeks of listening to the first session recording. We will focus on confidence, losing the weight, and changing habits. Become indifferent to a problem food once we find out its real purpose in your life.
  • Session 3 is 4 weeks later. The session covers continuing weight management and reduction, keeping it off, and the future.

Each session is followed with a new personalized reprogramming recording based on each of your sessions. Regular check-ins over the six months help us navigate each session focus making it truly personal. The final check in will be 6 months after the first appointment! Dates are flexible depending on your goals and schedule. Additional support after 6 months is available by request. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 3 MONTH PROGRAM

Once we remove the reason and cause you have the weight, reprogram your mind to work with you, the weight reduction and mindset are permanent. Being thin comes from within. You will become more and more in tune with your body, working together as a perfect team. Are you ready to radiate health and change your body?