Most fears and phobias are set during childhood, or during a pivotal event. They can be as simple as a learnt behavior that was age appropriate at the time. Our minds #1 job is to keep us safe and somehow the mind has decided that a fear will keep you safe.

Fears such as fear of mice or spiders is an instinctual fear of scuttlers that may carry diseases. These fears are quite normal but can disrupt daily life if they feel overwhelming or cause anxiety.

Fear is a fear of how a situation would make us feel. These feelings can be emotional or physical and 90% of the time it is emotional. What is it you are afraid to feel? For instance, often fear of flying stems from a fear of not being in control. Very often we find that a fear has a second meaning to a person.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can get to the root cause and reason for your fear or phobia. We can change the meaning, freeing you of the habit. Imagine feeling completely indifferent to a fear and free of the anxiety it caused!