Your Rapid Transformational Therapy session over Zoom will last 1.5 – 2 hours including a personalized recording that you are required to listen to for 21 days following your session. The recording reinforces the work we do during your session. This recording will be sent to you within 12 hours of the session.

By choosing to partake in your RTT session(s) online you confirm that you do not have epilepsy, or any current medical issues that would put you at risk during the duration of your session(s). All required online agreement/ disclosures will be sent prior to the session and your agreement is required before we can begin hypnosis.

Online Session Requirements: 

● A comfortable chair that is low enough so your feet touch the floor, or a semi reclined position that you can lie in with your hands and feet apart comfortably.

● Your computer or tablet positioned so that your face, eyes, and arms will be clearly visible on the camera.

● A good comfortable pair of headphones/ earbuds with a microphone (preferred), or clear speakers with microphone close to you. 

● Limited distractions for the duration of the session.

● A reliable internet connection.

● We will use the Zoom app to conduct the session in a private link. You do not have to install the Zoom app. I will send a link that can used via your browser. However, if you have Zoom use that or you may install Zoom before your session (free).

  • If you do use the link in the browser please disable any ‘Sleep Timers’ that may cause the camera or browser to shut down and sleep during the video session.

● Do not share the provided link – other participants will not be granted permission to join your session.

What if the internet connection drops? 

If the internet connection drops at any point during your session, you will naturally come back to a normal, waking state of reality. At this point, you can simply reconnect and we will resume your session.