Your opportunity to experience RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) at home around monthly and seasonal topics/ issues. Sessions are held over secure webinar format video conference. Participants can see Liza but not each other to ensure privacy.

Session Tips: Please have a good pair of headphones available to listen to the session on and a private space where you will not be disturbed for the session (approx 90 mins). Video (camera) is great if you have it available. Ideally I will be able to see your head and shoulders and arms if you hold them out in front of you.


Experience a calm, stress free, holiday season & New Year

November 7th 2019, 7pm

Cost: $37

As the holiday season approaches what is your most stressful aspect? Maybe the issue you regret in the New Year? The one thing you see on the horizon as the holidays kick into gear?

  • Excess shopping? 🛍
  • Excess spending? 💳
  • Drinking? 🥃 🥂
  • Overwhelm? 🍷
  • Stress eating? 🍕
  • Over eating? 🥡
  • Excess sugar? 🍰🍪
  • Social anxiety around events? ☁️

🌟 How would it feel to sail through the holidays this year? 🌟 Feeling alive, vibrant, extraordinarily cool, calm, and collected? 🌟 Making decisions that will support you without having to think twice about it?

Join us for a group session to remove those blocks, we will find the root cause, reason why you have them and then move on from them. Transforming the meaning that you have to them in the past to move on with confidence and not look back. Complete the questionnaire and let me know the #1 habit you want to kick. Easily set strong boundaries for yourself for a happier, healthier holiday season.

Included is a short pre-session recording to listen to before the session.

Following the session, a 15 min transformational recording to listen to daily for the following 21+ days (all through the holidays) will be available.

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