This is the Lifestyle version of the Career Session!

RTT can help you navigate a change in your life. If you are in a new life situation that you need help adjusting to. Or, to take your life to a new next level for when you realize there is more to life than you are experiencing.

Why do we hesitate, or sabotage and so choose not to take the actions we know we should in our life?

Because every habit of action is run by a habit of thought.

For example: Did you know that Emotion will always eclipse Logic?

You may know exactly what to do each day but you sabotage your progress. Even if you understand logically what you ‘should’ do to advance in life if you have underlying feelings and emotions that contradict those actions you will not make any changes or take those steps. If you feel unworthy in any way your mind will come up with ways to hold you back. In one session we can find out why this is happening in your life. We can transform these beliefs. This will help you be motivated to take new actions and make new choices and have new results in your daily life.

Alternatively, you may see that you are hesitating too much when opportunities come along. This comes from confusion. In the session we can solve that confusion to help you make rapid decisions and deal with issues in the moment.

Your recording will help you solidify the change in belief, make new choices, and move toward your dream life. You will become more in tune with your body, energized and motivated to take massive action every day. Are you ready?

For larger desired lifestyle changes please consider the 3 session package.

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