Following Marisa Peers RTT Weight Management Protocol you can experience a personalized program designed to help you change your mindset and body for a better life and permanent weight reduction. Create new thoughts and beliefs that lead to positive actions and results in your life in a safe no-judgment environment. Total time to complete program is 3 months with sessions and up to 6 months total to take the time you need.

After first session clients report feeling vibrant, happier, and lighter in body and mind. Being thin comes from within. You will become more and more in tune with your body, working together as a perfect team. Are you ready to radiate health and change your body?

““[I am feeling] much happier and making better food choices. I understand I don’t need food to be happy and, I’m feeling driven to be the best version of myself.”

— Female client age 37, 12lbs lighter after 1 session.

Are you ready to transcend excess weight, old stories, to create a life you adore?


Each session is personalized, unique, and tailored for your success.

Session 1 – Root Cause

In the first session we will delve into the root cause and reason for the excess weight. Going back to what happened, what was going on, what made you override your natural, normal, healthier, respectful relationship with your body and food. Once understood we can change the experience and you are free from the past.

You are making permanent lasting changes in this step, we reinstall, reactivate, remanifest and regenerate that normal relationship with food that you were born with. The results are not instant but the change of programming is. You will know that the weight is going. You will feel the weight going, it will be steady.

You will receive a personalized recording to listen to two or three times a day for 15 minutes for the following 21 days leading up to your next session appointment.

Value: $1200

Session 2 – Confidence

In this session we will build confidence that you can keep going and change your eating habits easily and effortlessly and to love your body. We can adjust your relationship with particular foods, habits, and deal with issues that may have surfaced since the first session. If there are issues around stress/ cortisol, sugar, or unwanted habits, we can remove them to revitalize the body and reprogram eating.

Knowing how you relate with food can indicate how you deal with other relationships or situations in your life and we can upgrade/ change your responses and expectations in these other areas of your life. We release all the negative feelings this may affect family, love relationships, money, career, and happiness. You will become confident in yourself and in your ability to deal with food, new habits, new beliefs, actions and change in your life.

Again, you will receive a personalized recording to listen to two or three times a day for 15 minutes for the following 21 days leading up to your next session appointment.

Value: $1200

“Hey Liza! Update for you… I worked out 5 days this week… and loved it! 🙂 And that’s something I haven’t said in 20 years.

— Female client, age 35, after 2nd session.

Session 3 – Transformation

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Again dealing with anything that may have come up since the last session, we can find the root cause or reason for any issue. By this session you will have experienced change in every area of your life. We will lock in on the transformation of your body, to feel continued change, to feel radiant, and energized. We will focus on creating and moving towards a new future and ensure you have the mindsets you need to transform.

This recording will include

Value: $1200

Are you ready for a whole body transformation?

This program is designed for men or women with significant excess weight and that want to take their life to the next level with the strategy, support mindset that’s needed transform your life.* This work is fun but also deeply strategic and transformational. If you’re ready, then schedule a call with me, or jump in and book your first session!

Total Value: $3600

Save $600 on total package. You pay $2997

*If you have a smaller weight management goal then a single RTT session can be helpful to isolate the root cause and reverse the effect.