This covers habits, addictions, and behaviors that *you* consider to be holding you back in one or more areas of your life. These can be deeply personal and affect your relationships, your career, or health. 

Every habit of action is caused by a habit of thought. And, every habit is producing some level of pleasure in your mind (even if the root cause is trauma) because the mind will always give you what it thinks will make you feel good. That’s the good news! During a single RTT session we regress back to the source, the significant event that caused this behavior and change the meaning.  Sometimes it can be a lack of connection or being conflicted and so an addiction soothes the pain. You are then freed of the behavior and we transform the resulting thought patterns and improve how you feel about yourself.

*Please Note : There is no judgment from me. You must be ready to stop this behavior – if necessary, do not book your session today – wait 3 days and if you are then absolutely sure you are ready to stop, book your appointment.

You will love the freedom that comes from understanding and releasing the habits that hold you back from living your fullest, greatest, and highest potential life.