“Belief without talent will get you further than talent without belief.” – Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer has applied her groundbreaking Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques on Olympic athletes, athletes and teams of all levels and sports, and famously, Wigan Athletic Football Club in 2005. Wigan found themselves at the top of the First Division with a chance of moving up to the Premier League, the first time in their 73 year history. Recognizing that there was some hesitation and apprehension about what the opportunity would mean Marisa was called in to remove all limiting beliefs from individual key players and to instill unshakeable belief for the whole team and supporting staff.

A 3–1 victory in front of their home fans earned Wigan Athletic a promotion to the top division of English football. Their very first season in the Premier League they went on to place an unbelievable 2nd and went straight into their first ever major Cup Final. (They lost to Manchester United. Ask me for more details on this amazing story!)


Excel at your chosen sport with increased belief in your skills and talent. Pro athletes use visualization to help them set records, win tournaments, and compete at their best. In one RTT session we can get to the root cause of anything holding you back. You leave with a personalized recording to align your new beliefs perfectly in the direction of your desired results. Visualization under hypnosis can help muscles work more effectively, improves hand eye coordination, and install a strong mindset. RTT can help improve life at home and in sports, training, competition, and speed recovery. Suitable for all levels of athlete and all sports.


When you need the whole team on the same wavelength, communicating seamlessly and effortlessly, a Team RTT Session can be the difference in a winning attitude. RTT can improve results at work and home life. Installing synchronistic thinking and visualization that helps muscles work effectively, improve hand eye coordination, and record setting attitudes. RTT can help improve training, competition, and speed recovery.

Sessions are coordinated with input from coaches. For best results, a group/team session is recommended along with individual sessions for key players.

 If you are interested in hosting a team session please contact me here.

You will have increased focus and sharper skills. Are you ready to take your sport to the next level?