RTT is a hybrid therapy that offers unparalleled results in a single 90 minute session. RTT combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

What Does a Session Look Like?

Before the session you will have access to a pre-session success recording. The initial session takes 90 minutes to 2 hours. Please dress comfortably, this is a powerful session that will usher in huge breakthroughs and release resistance. There are clean warm blankets available for you should you prefer to have one on your lap during the session.

Step1: At the start of your session we discuss your desired outcome from the session and collect a brief history of the issue you are looking to change.

Step 2: Relax. In a deeply relaxed state we easily recall scenes, uncover issues, and their underlying root cause by giving voice to your unconscious false beliefs and then releasing them – allowing a faster path to a state where there is no competition and success is more rewarding.

Step 3: Relax more. You listen as we record a transformational super-charged, deep emotional healing, and perfectly personalized 15-20 minutes recording that is designed just for you. This will help your brilliant mind guide you to achieve your desired outcome. You will receive a copy of this recording to take home and listen to for 21 days for extraordinary results. 

Step 4: We will have check ins over the 21 days (by phone or online over Zoom) and a follow up session to consolidate the issue and results. At this time we can record a new recording for you to listen to at any time. 

What Will It Feel Like?

The experience feels different for different people. Some people feel a floating sensation, some do not. Others may feel sleepy, some do not. Most people feel relaxed and at ease. What’s most important is to know that how you feel is not an indicator of how effective it is. Your brilliant mind knows all the answers. My job is to guide you through the process and help you feel safe. Regardless of what it feels like – it’s working. I promise.

What if I think I already know the reasons behind my issue or, they are painful or even scary to me?

What makes RTT amazing is that even if you think you know the reason, you see it in a COMPLETELY new way. That’s what allows you to change the meaning and ultimately, change your beliefs. And for many clients they go back to scenes that are totally different than what they expected. Just relax and trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see.

If you go back to scenes from your life that are related to events such as sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, or any other trauma, it’s important to remember that you are not reliving the scene, you are simply reviewing it and that you are safe. I will support you and guide you as you express your emotions and most importantly, heal.

Many clients have been able to review painful or scary events in their past and put them into new perspective. This has helped them move past the meaning they had attached to the event when it happened and so freed themselves of that pain.


There is one cat and one dog in our household. Extra efforts are made to ensure the room is clean for clients in case of allergies. The session couch is off limits for the pets and they usually sleep during sessions.  Please email or text if pets are an issue for you.

Where should I park?

Private Individual Sessions are held at my home: 357 Woodstock Ln, Castle Pines, CO 80108

  • Woodstock Lane has a turning circle at the end and then a private drive to the west off the turning circle.
  • My home is furthest west on the private drive, grey and white with a red front door.
  • Parking is available in front of the house, or in the extra parking area on the drive, or in the turning circle.

What happens after the session and how quickly will I see results?

  • Listen to the recording! There is no need to listen to the recording on the day of the session, so start the very next day. It doesn’t matter what time you listen to it or even whether you fall asleep while it’s playing.
  • You may continue to release thoughts and emotions over the few days following the session. This may manifest as being feeling sleepy, using the bathroom more frequently, or being moody. Please pratice extreme self-care, drink lots of water to assist your body in releasing toxins, and get more sleep/ exercise (whichever helps you feel more grounded.)
  • You may feel restless. In this case your mind is trying to go back to the old familiar. This is a common reaction. But YOU can CHOOSE TO or DECIDE to make new changes in your mind. This is why you need to keep listening to your recording. Perhaps more scenes or feelings are coming up too. Allow your body to release the feelings, perhaps go for a walk, exercise, or meditate.
  • Must work to make the familiar unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar familiar. Occasionally you will bump into your old beliefs. Recognize they were your old thinking, a product of wrong beliefs you held. Once labeled as such you can release them, but every opportunity to create new habits must be acted upon.
  • Occasionally feelings can get worse before better. Remember you are feeling things repressed for decades, to let it out, and allow your subconscious to process. If you listen to the recording for the full 21 days this is all part of the healing process and you will feel better. However, if anything comes up that concerns you please reach out to me.
  • We will have check ins over the 21 days (by phone or online over Zoom) and a follow up session to consolidate the issue and results. At this time we can record a new recording for you to listen to at any time.

Results appear in 3 stages. (Depending on the individual and desired result.) There will be immediate results, changes during the 21 days, and then in the longer term (cumlulative) as the repressed feelings heal. You, and your loved ones, may notice differences at different times and very often a third layer of changes you will only notice retroactively.

Am I a good candidate for RTT?

Since RTT utilizes hypnotherapy it can be viewed as passive and easy. However, best results are achieved when candidates are vested in the outcome and understand that our thoughts affect our actions. Once we have changed the underlying belief that is affecting thoughts you can take better actions. Great RTT candidates are looking for the missing link, or trying to understand the block that holds them back when it’s time to take action or, need extra belief in themselves in a push toward a meaningful goal.

Do you really fix an issue in just one session?

This depends. If you are focused on a specific issue, then yes, usually we can breakthrough that issue in one session. RTT is designed to give you a powerful breakthrough and create big changes in your life.

We will have a follow-up session that can usually clear up additional ‘layers’ that present themselves over the 21 days after the initial session. It is perfectly normal to think it will take more than one session for an issue and then, after the 21 days are up and our follow up session, realize that you feel completely differently about that original issue. 

Occasionally for example, an initial weight loss session may result in a disinterest in a problem food such as sugary foods and chocolate.  A few weeks later you may notice that you do indeed have no interest in the sugary foods and you are feeling better however, now you have noticed that cheese, or fried foods has emerged as an issue. Or, that we uncovered an issue during the regression that relates to low self confidence.  During the follow-up additional session we can find and release the cause of that issue too.

*Depression, anxiety, and food disorders may require additional sessions depending on root causes. If after an initial session and follow-up period you feel that multiple sessions will benefit you, additional sessions can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Most clients want to keep doing sessions to work on other areas of their life and receive coaching to integrate the new beliefs and build new habits and behaviors. Especially when results are extraordinary and so fast! For these reasons I offer discounts on all additional sessions for those who want to continue on their journey. And for those who are dedicated to personal mastery, please ask about 6 and 12 month private programs.

Even More FAQ’s