Our minds cannot hold conflicting beliefs. If you believe that you could be an amazing speaker, a storyteller, or teach, but you become anxious every time the opportunity presents itself, somewhere you have a conflicting belief that you can’t do it, will mess it up, stumble over your words, or worse. Lack of Confidence and fears around public speaking can be debilitating. Even if we can manage to avoid situations most of the time, it will invariably hold us back at some point.

Of those opposing beliefs, one holds more weight, and that is the emotional belief.

Emotion will always trump logic. Our minds will always protect us from the consequences of the perceived outcome a belief – even if it is based on an event decades ago.

For example: If during childhood you were mocked for speaking up, or often spoke too quietly, or you were ignored, or fell one time during a play, your mind will go to great lengths to make sure that never happens again! On the day of an important event, you may wake up with a migraine, lose your voice, or suddenly develop flu. You may have a panic attack, or lose your speech. All to stop you from going through that experience again, even if it is your deepest desire to step up and be heard.

Remember, we were all born confident and able to communicate our desires. During a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session we go back to the events that created the now outdated belief and release that completely. This frees you to step into your greatest desires, make great speeches, make our voice heard, confidently chair meetings, or go out and teach our passions with poise and clarity.

Are you ready? Whether you need to make one important speech, change career, one session can resolve your conflicting beliefs. Now your mind can go to work to help you confidently deliver your message any time.