Overcoming Negative Looping Thoughts

Often issues with stress have more to do with the mind and how we feel and what we believe about ourselves. While we may be going through the motions and doing all the right things in the outer world, we may be thinking and feeling something completely different inside. 

Conflicting or unconscious thoughts and feelings cause excess stress hormones within the mind and body. This increases feelings of overwhelm. Unless we catch, challenge, and change the underlying beliefs we have about ourself, the mind will sabotage us at every turn. 

Anxiety is a protective response from the brain to move someone away from perceived pain. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help resolve the emotional causes of negative looping thoughts to make peace within ourselves. Root causes range, yet the feeling of not being enough, not feeling worthy enough, or that love is not available to us, can be changed.

Clients experience increased energy, ability to relax, better sleep, and feeling happier within themselves.

*Please Note: do not make changes to any prescribed medications before or after our sessions without consulting your doctor. 

Are you ready to take back your Power, to feel Calm, Confident, and In Control of your Mind and Body?

Weight Reduction

New Long Term Support Program Available!

Feel empowered, productive, and confident. Believe in yourself, love your body, shine brightly in the world. Flexible program for achieving your healthy weight using the power of your mind. The long term RTT Weight Management Protocol program is perfect for those wishing to reduce their weight considerably and builds and supports confidence, enoughness, and a change of lifestyle for good.

*If you have a smaller weight management goal then a single RTT session can be helpful to isolate the root cause and reverse the effect.

Up to 43% of people use food to alter their mood every single day.

We understand what it takes to lead a fit and healthy life, we know there is more to our health than a number on a scale.

We understand that while we are surrounded by abundant food choices, we need to make different choices to support a healthy body.

So why do we have cravings, choose not to take the actions we know we should?

Because every habit of action is run by a habit of thought.

For example: Did you know that eating sugar is an act of regression?

It takes you right back to a time and place that held a happy memory. Sounds good, but this becomes an issue when it's now decades later and your mind is still trying to recreate that memory through any sugary foods it detects that is available around you. Food has memories!

After one session clients report feeling vibrant, happier, and lighter in body and mind.

The program is structured around 3 sessions and is tailored to you and your goals:

  • Session 1 we will find the root cause and reason for excess weight. An RTT session around being enough and resolving the reasons your body is holding onto the weight. During your session we will go back to that place and change the meaning. You are then released from beliefs such as these, that foods make you happy and we build in indifference to the trigger foods.

    Alternatively, excess weight is a side effect of something else. If you feel you are following reasonable eating guidelines and still have the weight, the root cause of the excess weight usually has nothing to do with food but with heavy emotional baggage and stress. Going back and addressing the issue releases you from feeling the need to protect yourself.

  • Session 2 happens after 2 weeks of listening to the first session recording. We will focus on confidence, losing the weight, and changing habits. Become indifferent to a problem food once we find out its real purpose in your life.

  • Session 3 is 4 weeks later. The session covers continuing weight management and reduction, keeping it off, and the future.

Each session is followed with a new personalized reprogramming recording based on each of your sessions. Regular check-ins over the six months help us navigate each session focus making it truly personal. The final check in will be 6 months after the first appointment! Dates are flexible depending on your goals and schedule. Additional support after 6 months is available by request.

Once we remove the reason and cause you have the weight, reprogram your mind to work with you, the weight reduction and mindset are permanent.

Being thin comes from within. You will become more and more in tune with your body, working together as a perfect team. Are you ready to radiate health and change your body?


Lifestyle Changes

This is the Lifestyle version of the Career Session!

RTT can help you navigate a change in your life. If you are in a new life situation that you need help adjusting to. Or, to take your life to a new next level for when you realize there is more to life than you are experiencing.

Why do we hesitate, or sabotage and so choose not to take the actions we know we should in our life?

Because every habit of action is run by a habit of thought.

For example: Did you know that Emotion will always eclipse Logic?

You may know exactly what to do each day but you sabotage your progress. Even if you understand logically what you ‘should’ do to advance in life if you have underlying feelings and emotions that contradict those actions you will not make any changes or take those steps. If you feel unworthy in any way your mind will come up with ways to hold you back. In one session we can find out why this is happening in your life. We can transform these beliefs. This will help you be motivated to take new actions and make new choices and have new results in your daily life.

Alternatively, you may see that you are hesitating too much when opportunities come along. This comes from confusion. In the session we can solve that confusion to help you make rapid decisions and deal with issues in the moment.

Your recording will help you solidify the change in belief, make new choices, and move toward your dream life. You will become more in tune with your body, energized and motivated to take massive action every day. Are you ready?

For larger desired lifestyle changes please consider the 3 session package.

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Fertility, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Issues

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is particularly useful with issues such as infertility and pregnancy and postpartum difficulties.

If you are struggling with unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, or are going through IVF treatment, RTT can be an invaluable tool.

RTT can break negative blocks about pregnancy and birth whilst improving your fertility. In one session we can increase fertility, improve your ability to conceive naturally, or with IVF, and carry your perfect baby to full term.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can also support mothers during pregnancy and postpartum even one session can make a huge difference to how you feel. Depression or anxiety can become overwhelming even if there were no issues prior to pregnancy or even during or after prior pregnancies. America’s Mothers are Isolated, Anxious, and Depressed - Here’s Why

RTT sessions are safe to experience during pregnancy no matter the past issues that may come up, and clearing issues before baby arrives is truly valuable. We will protect and reassure baby before and after the session.

Are you ready to have the pregnancy and the baby you dream of? Be the best mother you can be filled with happiness, peace, and inner confidence.


Career Success

Hypnosis and/or NLP has been long regarded as a secret tool used by many historical leaders, inventors, scientists, entertainers, Royalty, athletes, CEO's, business leaders, and Entrepreneurs to maximize their effectiveness, focus and results, and to stay ahead of the game.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) combines the strongest elements of cognitive therapy and NLP under hypnosis to access and break limitations, remove old programming, and unlock belief so you can function at a higher level in your chosen career. The best results come from a commitment, a willingness to be open to your own growth and development, to realize true potential.

One RTT session can isolate the reason you hold back in your career, or, we can take your career to another level by uncovering your unique purpose, gifts and align with your highest potential.

  • Do you feel blocked at work despite having the best intentions, completing daily actions, and keeping a positive attitude?

  • Do you have an overriding lack mindset?

  • Are you avoiding being successful in one area of your career? Do you push success away, or send out a vibe that says I can help but then sabotage the opportunity?

  • Have a hard time with perceived rejection?

  • Over talk, over validate, over justify when it isn't necessary?

  • Do you pursue strategies, how-to's, and look outward for the secret action that will change everything?

Clients have experienced greater belief and confidence in themselves, a certainty of success in their chosen career, increased energy and focus, better sleep, and improved personal and business relationships.

You will have an unshakeable, unwavering, certainty of your success.  You will have such conviction, compelling, knowing that you can achieve your goals. Are you ready to have the career you have dreamed of?


Sports Performance

"Belief without talent will get you further than talent without belief." - Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer has applied her groundbreaking Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques on Olympic athletes, athletes and teams of all levels and sports, and famously, Wigan Athletic Football Club in 2005. Wigan found themselves at the top of the First Division with a chance of moving up to the Premier League, the first time in their 73 year history. Recognizing that there was some hesitation and apprehension about what the opportunity would mean Marisa was called in to remove all limiting beliefs from individual key players and to instill unshakeable belief for the whole team and supporting staff.

A 3–1 victory in front of their home fans earned Wigan Athletic a promotion to the top division of English football. Their very first season in the Premier League they went on to place an unbelievable 2nd and went straight into their first ever major Cup Final. (They lost to Manchester United. Ask me for more details on this amazing story!)


Excel at your chosen sport with increased belief in your skills and talent. Pro athletes use visualization to help them set records, win tournaments, and compete at their best. In one RTT session we can get to the root cause of anything holding you back. You leave with a personalized recording to align your new beliefs perfectly in the direction of your desired results. Visualization under hypnosis can help muscles work more effectively, improves hand eye coordination, and install a strong mindset. RTT can help improve life at home and in sports, training, competition, and speed recovery. Suitable for all levels of athlete and all sports.


When you need the whole team on the same wavelength, communicating seamlessly and effortlessly, a Team RTT Session can be the difference in a winning attitude. RTT can improve results at work and home life. Installing synchronistic thinking and visualization that helps muscles work effectively, improve hand eye coordination, and record setting attitudes. RTT can help improve training, competition, and speed recovery.

Sessions are coordinated with input from coaches. For best results, a group/team session is recommended along with individual sessions for key players.

 If you are interested in hosting a team session please contact me here.

You will have increased focus and sharper skills. Are you ready to take your sport to the next level?


Public Speaking & Confidence

Lack of Confidence and fears around public speaking can be debilitating. Even if we can manage to avoid situations most of the time, it will invariably hold us back at some point.

Our minds cannot hold conflicting beliefs. If you believe that you could be an amazing speaker, a storyteller, or teach, but you become anxious every time the opportunity presents itself, somewhere you have a conflicting belief that you can't do it, will mess it up, stumble over your words, or worse.

Of those opposing beliefs, one holds more weight, and that is the emotional belief.

Emotion will always trump logic. Our minds will always protect us from the consequences of the perceived outcome a belief - even if it is based on an event decades ago.

For example: If during childhood you were mocked for speaking up, or often spoke too quietly, or you were ignored, or fell one time during a play, your mind will go to great lengths to make sure that never happens again! On the day of an important event, you may wake up with a migraine, lose your voice, or suddenly develop flu. You may have a panic attack, or lose your speech. All to stop you from going through that experience again, even if it is your deepest desire to step up and be heard.

Remember, we were all born confident and able to communicate our desires. During a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session we go back to the events that created the now outdated belief and release that completely. This frees you to step into your greatest desires, make great speeches, make our voice heard, confidently chair meetings, or go out and teach our passions with poise and clarity.

Are you ready? Whether you need to make one important speech, change career, one session can resolve your conflicting beliefs. Now your mind can go to work to help you confidently deliver your message any time.


Loving Relationships

The most important step to having and growing a loving relationship is to know that you are loveable. You can only love another person to the degree that you love yourself. Similarly, another person can only love you to the degree that they love themselves.

We are all born lovable. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can, in one session, get to the root cause and reason why we may no longer believe, or perceive ourselves to be lovable enough. We will then change that belief to a certain knowing that we are deserving of, and are capable of love.

You will believe in yourself as loveable. You will increase your level of self-esteem. Increase your value of how loveable you are and easily express love and affection. 

Issues within a marriage or an established loving relationship often stem from the relationship shifting over time. The mind-body connection can influence relationships too, especially when children are young. As time goes on, couples that become best friends may run into problems when one or both becomes less interested in their sexual relationship.  RTT can help re-establish a relationship, overcome sexual issues, and increase confidence.

Are you ready to to be lovable and love the true wonderful person you are?

Child & Teen Issues

Possible services for children and teens: Confidence and anxiety issues, Release of habits, Excellence in sports or academics (including exam prep), Driving confidence.

Designed to help children succeed. No regression. Includes 10-15 minute personalized hypnosis to listen to at home to super-charge the desired intentions and changes.

Uses can include: increased confidence & self-esteem, stop nail-biting, bed-wetting, increase focus, stop other unwanted habits, success at school, learning languages, music, sports, passing exams (including driving), audition confidence, performance confidence, reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm, and more. 

Session will last approximately 1hr at my home in Castle Pines. Parent must be present for younger children. Teens may prefer not to have parent present depending on session focus. For teens, as long as permission is granted from both parents, you do not need to be present for the session however, you are welcome to stay, or stay for the first few minutes consultation, or wait in the next room.

Rapid Transformational Therapy does not cure medical issues but helps focus and install positive beliefs and changes that support a child or teen.


Stop Compulsive Negative Behavior

This covers habits, addictions, and behaviors that you consider to be holding you back in one or more areas of your life. These can be deeply personal and affect your relationships, your career, or health. 

Every habit of action is caused by a habit of thought. And, every habit is producing some level of pleasure in your mind (even if the root cause is trauma) because the mind will always give you what it thinks will make you feel good. That's the good news! During a single RTT session we regress back to the source, the significant event that caused this behavior and change the meaning.  Sometimes it can be a lack of connection or being conflicted and so an addiction soothes the pain. You are then freed of the behavior and we transform the resulting thought patterns and improve how you feel about yourself.

*Please Note: There will be no judgment from me. You must be ready to stop this behavior - if necessary, do not book your session today - wait 3 days and if you are then absolutely sure you are ready to stop, book your appointment.

You will love the freedom that comes from understanding and releasing the habits that hold you back from living your fullest, greatest, and highest potential life.

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